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Out Loud Justice Coaching: Freedom Training for Our Times

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Anti-Racist Course Catalog

Out Loud is dedicated to obliterating all forms of oppression. We offer courses for people dedicated to anti-racism across a spectrum of specific nuanced conversations.

Who We Are

Peace Out Loud is a Bay Area social permaculture project, building self-determined community through youth and adult programs. Our team of black, brown, queer, trans, and poor individuals leads with a passion for care, social justice and playfulness!

Support Us

Peace Out Loud offers free healing sessions, a bail fund, and cash relief for BIPOC activists who have been tirelessly showing up during this critical historical time. We invite you to help fund and support these offerings by donating any amount you can.

What is PEACE Out Loud?

Peace, Education, Arts & Creation for Everyone.

Peace Out Loud is based in South Berkeley, Oakland and San Francisco, California and is a neighborhood social permaculture project of building self-determined community through youth programs and adult coaching programs. As educators, we are committed to creating the conditions for all families to comfortably grow into being their full selves.  As social permaculturists, we identify the needs in our community and co-create programs in response to those needs. Our team is composed of Black, brown, queer, trans and poor people with a passion for care, social justice and playfulness!

Peace Out Loud was co-founded by Ira X Armstrong (FKA Nanci Armstrong-Temple), an activist, educator, organizer and social permaculturist. They are the child of a Black revolutionary/former Black Panther father and a white abolitionist Unitarian Universalist Mother. Ira has worked as an educational anthropologist and activist with over 20 years of experience as an educator. They have taught and begun music, dance, garden, coaching, and musical theater programs in Alameda, Oakland, Berkeley and Los Angeles unified school districts, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, churches, the YMCA and street parties up and down the 101 and back.  

Peace Out Loud is for obliterating all forms of oppression. Our courses are not for those who are queerphobic, transphobic, homophobic, fatphobic, abelist, unless you are here because you are seeking to unpack and undo those forms of oppression. We do not believe that one form of oppression can be undone while oppressing other groups. We are for complex and nuanced conversations around challenging and often emotionally charged areas of life. You are responsible for taking care of yourself as you engage in this work and in these group dynamics and discussions. 

Meet Our Instructors

lra X Armstrong

(FKA Nanci Ira Armstrong-Temple), is a Coach, Witch Doctor, Freedom Fighter, Social Entrepreneur and Educator.


BA in Educational Anthropology from the University of California, Berkeley, Ira has been a teacher of peace, performance arts and freedom for over 30 years and is an infrastructure specialist who helps create outdoor education settings as well as shut down bridges, freeways, and government buildings to stop the machine from running over the people, as needed.

Ira consults with political campaigns as well as with ally and accomplice organizations in technology, finance and education in order to create safer spaces for trans, queer, Black and poor folks.

They are a founder at PEACE Out Loud, a queer, Black, Brown and poor people led Social Permaculture enterprise in the San Francisco Bay Area, and they are dedicated to Self Determination, Outdoor and Freedom Education, and building Consent Culture.

Ira is also part of a coalition of folks building to end rape culture in the next 30 years.

Cara Kelsey

Instructor Cara Kelsey (they/them) is a trans non-binary queer and kinky sex and relationship coach with a focus on non-monogamy and creative relationship models. They have been doing this work in their own life for 15 years and helping others do so for 10. They have a background working in harm reduction with both sex education and drug use, and honor the philosophy that this work embodies, which is meeting people where they are at.


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